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ILTER 3rd OSM 2024

International Long Term Ecological Research Network 3rd Open Science Meeting

Kunming, Yunnan, China

14-19 October 2024

Hosted by Chinese Ecosystem Research Network


​Changchong Mountain, Kunming, China Photo by Richard Deng


The International Long Term Ecological Research Network 3rd Open Science Meeting to be held in Kunming, China

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and other unforeseen disruptions, the meeting has been postponed to 14-19 October 2024.

Soon you will find here more information on our keynote speakers, call for abstracts, online registration, and accommodation.


As you know, the ILTER OSM was planned for 12-16 September 2022. Due to the travel restrictions and other unforeseen disruptions, the meeting had been postponed to 2024.

After consultation with key stakeholders, the new dates of the ILTER OSM have been set to the week of 14 October, 2024.

The ILTER OSM is an international academic conference and held every three years. It is the gathering of the global Long-Term-Ecosystem-Research community and interested representatives of other fields. For latest information, please visit the events section on the ILTER website.



The International Long Term Ecological Research Network, ILTER, is a network of networks, encompassing hundreds of research sites located in a wide array of ecosystems that can help understand environmental change across the globe. ILTER's focus is on long-term, site-based research and monitoring. 

ILTER’s vision is a world in which science helps prevent and solve environmental and socio-ecological problems. ILTER contributes to solving international ecological and socio-economic problems through question and problem-driven research, with a unique ability to design collaborative, site-based projects, compare data from a global network of sites and detect global trends.

Specifically, the purpose of ILTER is to provide a globally distributed network and infrastructure of long-term research sites for use in the fields of ecosystem, biodiversity, critical zone and socio-ecological research, and to secure highest quality interoperable services in close interaction with related regional and global research infrastructures and networks.

 ILTER organizes an Open Science Meeting (OSM) every three years to foster scientific exchange and community building within and beyond the ILTER networks around the globe.


General Themes


Sensitivity, mechanisms and adaptation of biodiversity and ecosystem functions to global change.


Environmental pollution, ecosystem restoration and management.


Ecological and social ecological resilience against shocks from pandemics to climate change.


New technologies and infrastructures for ecosystem research and biodiversity.


Application of ILTER science to environmental issues in society.

Special Sessions



The dates of OSM 2024 have been set to 14-19 October, 2024. 

Please check out ILTER Event page for latest updates


Cuihu Lake, Kunming, China

Photo by Peijia Li

ILTER 3rd Open Science Meeting  14-19 October 2024

Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

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